Tree Science™ Class Quadrat™

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The Class Quadrat™ enables pupils to investigate small areas of habitat & ecosystems closely in the field and record their findings in relative comfort both as individuals and as a class group. The 1m2 grid in the centre acts as a area within which children may sample the local distribution of plants or small creatures. This Class Quadrat™ is a fully portable 1m2 Quadrat with a 0.5m wide seating/ kneeling area for 9 pupils around the perimeter. The central area is marked out into 9 square areas (1 per pupil) and students may identify, count, collect, record and analyse what they find in 1m2 so that they can then work out the distribution of species in a much larger surrounding area (e.g. a woodland, park or school grounds). The Class Quadrat™ is Phthalate Free. It measures 2m x 2m & folds up easily. It can easily be carried on field trips. Pthalate Free. Comes complete with a set of ground sheet pegs (adult supervision required).